Five Tips for Keeping Pewter Trophies Clean

Trophies come in a range of materials, and if you want to keep your trophy looking great, you need a cleaning plan that works for your exact type of trophy. Have a pewter trophy or medal? Here are some tips to keep it clean and shiny:

1. Do not use the dishwasher.

Pewter is a metal alloy made from a mixture of several types of metal, and it has a relatively low melting point. Typically, that ranges from 170 to 230 degrees Celsius, depending on what types of metal are involved. Because of this, you should not put pewter trophies in the dishwasher, where the hot water could melt or damage them. Instead, you need to wash them by hand.

2. Create a paste for discoloured pewter.

If your pewter trophy has become discoloured or tarnished, you can buy polish made for use with pewter, or you can make your own. Simply mix a bit of baking soda with a splash of vinegar and add water until it forms a paste. Then, gently rub the paste on your trophy. Make sure that you get it in all of the crevices.

3. Use a soft cloth to prevent scratches.

Because pewter is relatively malleable, you don't want to clean it with anything abrasive. Avoid using steel wool or other abrasive materials. Instead, apply your paste with a soft cloth.

4. Rinse the cleaner off thoroughly.

Once you have polished the pewter trophy with your homemade paste, you need to rinse it thoroughly. To ensure that none of the paste gets lodged in the crevices of your trophy, just let water run over it. This is more effectively than wiping it down with a wet cloth.

If the base of your trophy is made of wood or other porous materials, don't let it get wet, or the water could damage it.

5. Dust on a regular basis.

In most cases, you should only need to polish your pewter trophy with a paste once in awhile. However, you should dust your trophy on a regular basis. That prevents dust from mixing with oil or moisture in the air and forming a sticky film on the trophy.

Don't use dusting spray as that can create a waxy layer on your pewter. Instead, just use a feather duster to gently eliminate dust. Alternatively, use a bit of water on a soft cloth if that helps you trap the dust more effectively.

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